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It's a Trip: Looking to Leaders to Define Your Path

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Erin Teague
Project Manager, Twitter
Detroit, MI

“We all have the ability to impact lives and should be thinking broadly about what is our legacy at the end of it all.”

Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Erin saw the effect that one’s circumstances can have on their future, which inspired her to become a mentor for underserved youths. In this RoadTrip exclusive, she shares the secret to turning desires into actions.
Adam Steltzner
Engineer, NASA
San Francisco, CA

“When you look back at your life, you remember the great highs and the great lows. The middle sort of doesn’t stand out that much, so never fear risking the great lows in pursuit of the great highs.”

Adam started out on a rocky path before trading a life of hard partying for scientific research after noticing changing star patterns in the night sky. He’s now a specialist in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where, he explains to RoadTrip Nation, refusing to give into his fears allowed him to create a new definition of success.

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