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tip: Use the Manage My Course Plans and View My Current Multi-Year Plan tools to take the guesswork out of class scheduling and stay on track for your future goals.

Step Up Your College Game with Social Media

icon “Everybody enjoys campus beauty shots on Instagram. But good social sites also share inspiring stories and highlight fun, studentfocused events. So if you like what you see on a college’s social media page, it might be worth a closer look.”
—Mark Yacavone, assistant vice president for enrollment management at SUNY Cortland

To stay in the know, FOLLOW
  • University feeds plus those of individual departments.
  • @UsEdGov and other federal and state education agencies.
  • College experts (like U.S. News & World Report @USNews), bloggers, reporters, and admissions reps.
  • Companies you’ve got an early eye on.
tips: Interacting with employers on social media ensures they’ll know your name when it’s time to interview.
Click school- or program-specific HASHTAGS to
  • Hear what others are saying about various colleges, programs, and careers.
  • Search industry-specific terminology as you explore different fields.
  • Monitor changes in the job market.
tips: Google “Inside Higher Ed’s Twitter directory” for a list of super useful hashtags.
Join social media GROUPS for broad exposure to
  • Academic fraternities and honor organizations.
  • Clubs and campus activities.
  • Conversations related to your chosen major or career.
  • Group chats and Q&A sessions hosted by school administrators.
  • Recruiters, managers, and other career contacts.
tips: You might need to step outside your comfort zone to uncover hidden passions. Look for groups that pique your interests, not just ones that relate to your major.

Pinterest and Instagram give an amazing glimpse into an org’s “casual” side, while Tumblr’s blog component delves even deeper into school and workplace culture. Meanwhile, Facebook and YouTube have fast become the go-to spot for admissions advice and virtual tours. Use these mighty tools to your future-planning advantage!

tips: Never post pics on social media that you wouldn’t want college admins to see.

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